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  • Wrap with confidence at any skill level, knowing that any mistake can easily be undone.

  • Ideal for harder to use vinyl products, such as chromes, specialized finishes and textured wraps.

  • Adds extra reposition ability to the application surface, making larger installations much easier.

  • Well suited to temporary installations, as this will aid in the ease of removal of the vinyl.



VViViD's Primer is one of a kind. Safe to use on sensitive paints and surfaces. Made for promoting commercial graphics, automotive tapes and wraps. This is the ONLY primer on the market that does not leave residue when applied. It will not eat through paints and finishes.

  • Specially formulated to enhance the adhesive bond of automotive tapes, commercial graphics and vehicle wraps.

  • The VVIVID® Primer is easy to use. Simply spray product on surface and wipe off using a clean towel. Apply adhesive product once surface is dry.

  • Will not leave adhesive residue during removal of graphics. ( non-corrosive formula does not dissolve the adhesive over time)

  • Hazmat free, non-corrosive formula does not leave any residues, does not eat through sensitive coatings and is not harmful to you or the environment.



  • VViViD's Leather Conditioner will restore and protect your leather products.

  • Infused with aloe, essential oils and vitamins to bring back the soft feel and color of your worn leather!

  • Adds a protective, water, snow and UV blocking coating that lasts up to 1 year!

  • Leaves no oily or soapy residue: Simply apply conditioner to clean leather and wipe off all excess with a clean towel.



Restore your leather with VVIVID Leather Repair Cleaner. This product is specifically designed to lift dirt, grease and grime from the leather surface. 

  • VViViD® Repair Leather Cleaner is designed to shock leather into opening its pores for deep cleaning

  • It restores leather back to its original matte finish and color without stripping out essential oils

  • Reduces stains without leaving any oily or soapy residues.

  • Product 100% PH balanced, it will not harm your leather finish.

  • Non-toxic formula is safe on your leather and just as safe for you!



  • VViViD® Carbon Gel Wheel Cleaner is a super high concentrated cleaner designed to remove brake dust, grime and surface contaminants from any wheel finish.

  • Hard on dirt! Gentle on sensitive coatings like polished, chrome and matte finishes.

  • Carbon Gel is carbonized for extreme foaming and dirt suspension.

  • Will not harm finishes, will not eat through coatings.


VVIVID SHIELD is a unique protective sealant designed to shield vinyl wrap and plastic coatings from UV rays, scratches, cracking and weathering. How is this done? The nano polymer bonding technology gives this product the ability to change the energy of a surface. How? by bonding polymer particles infused with UV blockers for protection against fading and discoloring. Hardeners for up to 75% more resistance to abraison and scratching during and after installation. Hydrophobic qualities for resistance to weathering, cracking and road grime. Reflective particles for an enhanced finish.


Directions: Do not apply in direct sunlight. Surface must be cool before application. For best results, spray on a clean area, gently wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Apply VViViD SHIELD after every wash in order to keep the film’s finish resistant to stains, discoloring, scratching and more. Product can be used on any vinyl wrap, clear bra, plasti-dip. plastic trim or rubber products.


This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


VVIVID GRIME pre wrap wash is formulated as a heavy duty concentrate to remove contaminants, wax, grease, road grime, tar and squashed bugs.

Grime is a multi-surface safe enough to make a gallon of wash liquid. This product can also be diluted to a lesser amount and sprayed directly onto specific areas and left for 30 seconds.

This product is meant as a pre-wrap wash. More detailed attention  is needed after using this product
to ensure all crevices, folds and other hard to reach areas are manually cleaned before applying vinyl to the vehicle.

This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


VVIVID ERASER is the vehicle and vinyl super cleaner we’ve all been waiting for! Stains, grime, grease, and dirt don’t stand a chance! The amazing super cleaner is strong on dirt and stains, but gentle on sensitive wraps and finishes.


ERASER gently cleans and removes dirt/stains from sensitive materials without leaving behind colors, odors, chemicals and permanent stains. it will not damage the integrity of laminations, uv blockers and permanent coatings. The low-foaming formula gives ERASER the highest level of cleaning power possible with zero residue.

Safe for painted surfaces. Safe for vinyl wraps, paint protection films and tints.

This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


VVIVID Matte CAR WASH is designed to clean and mantain any matte and satin finish vehicle. Out new fomula works with any matte painted, plasti dip and vinyl wrapped surfaces. Easily removes dirt, debris, and contamination delivering an even streak-free matte finish. The Matte Car Wash is PH balanced and can safely be used in direct sunlight. VVIVID Auto Wash can also be used in a foam gun and MTM foam canon for a touch -less carwash that preserves the matte surface. All-natural extracts break down dirt, contaminants and road grime.


Directions of use:

  1. Fill bucket wioth clean water

  2. Add 1/2 ounce of Matte Car Wash  to 2 gallons  or water.

  3. Gently wash with a sponge and rinse away dirt, contaminants and debris.

  4. Dry vehicle using a microfiber towel.

This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


VVIVID RENEW Matte Detailer Spray Sealant is the perfect solution for keeping your matte and satin vinyl surfaces looking better than new. The formula is designed to...

CLEAN: Dirt, road grime, fingerprints and water spots in seconds.

MAINTAIN: An amazing streak free sheen on vinyl wrap, plasti dip and other coatings. Will also work on gloss vinyl!

PROTECT: The sealan formula repels harmful UV rays, dirt, debris and road grime with a  unique coating system.

USE: Simply spray RENEW Matte Detailer Spray Sealant on a dirty surface and wipe clean with a microfiber  towel for a strea-free

This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


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