Notes by Vvivid: Some amazing work with our VVIVID+ MATTE SUZUKA ICE GREY on this 1991 NSX. Genuinely impressed! This is his first ever wrap project!

Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX
Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX
Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX
Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX
Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX
Matte Suzuka ice Grey NSX

Wrapped By: Brian Wong @Nsxsicle

Car Owner: Brian Wong

Notes By Brian: My newly acquired 1991 nsx was in need of a cosmetic refresh. My funds were limited and I had alot of free time, so I decided to learn how to wrap and save some money over a professional install. I did alot of research online and asked professional installers what brands were more beginner friendly. Not surprisingly the best quality as well as the most user friendly material was also the most expensive. Eventually I decided to move forward with Vvivid who was competitively priced and from the online videos, seemed to cater more towards the non professionals or regular people with quality comparing to the higher end brands. Since I had experience at all this seemed like a good choice. I started looking at their website and ordered alot of color samples. I knew I was going to spend alot of time wrapping my car, so I wanted to make sure I would be happy with the end results. There are recommended tools, but I only used 30 degree snap off blades, thermometer gun, heat gun, painters tape, knifeless tape, and a squeegee. The magnets would have helped, but the nsx is completely aluminum so they wouldn't work. Although the YouTube videos gave you basics, it was all trial and error. You learn as you go and if you mess up, you learn from that mistake and improve yourself. The Vvivid Vinyl was extremely easy to use and the air release channels were amazing. Repositioning was flawless and wrinkles heated out like magic. I was very impressed with the material and how stretchable it was to go around the difficult curves of the bumpers. The Matte Suzuka Ice Grey is an amazing color. The pictures did not do it any justice. It is sort of an off white light grey but when light hits, it looks like snow in sunlight. Overall I'm very happy with this project and I would recommend Vvivid Vinyl to any beginner wrapper who wants a great cost effective way to completely enhance their car. Of you want to see my daily project log my Instagram is Nsxsicle. - Brian Wong 


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