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 VViViD Certification with CK Wraps

Perks of Being VViViD Certified

You might be thinking " Why should I get certified, I already use VViViD products and I am very confident with the outcome of the results".

Well what if we told you, besides learning how to perfectly use our vinyl, we can also help maximize your profits


You would gain access to:

A whole other tier of discounts that will only be available to certified dealers.

Priority Status for any customer service inquiries

Exclusive product testing not available in any other channel

Special Free samples

Business Referrals

Getting A VViViD Education

CK Wraps & VViViD Vinyl have come together to offer a 3 day training course ( 2 days for the advanced workshop ) of everything you need to know about wrapping with our Vinyls, from tools needed, how to wrap certain car parts, how different types of vinyls react with different surfaces and more! You will be working with over 2800$ tools and material on each level, all donated by VViViD.

Level 1-2 Beginner-Intermediate

Day 1

- Preparation, how to be thorough and what to use

- What can and can not be wrapped

- Material types, finishes and adhesives

- Tools needed

- Squegee techniques, getting comfortable, handling of the film

- Using air egress and creating your own air egress

- Materials possibilities and limitations

- Fingering, wrinkling and wrinkles

- Reading the wrinkles

- Glassing, conforming and laying into recesses

- Approaching a panel with help

- Approaching a panel solo

- Relaxing the film (edges), pre-stretching with and without heat

- Post-heating, what it does, how to do it and when to use it

Day 2

- Cutting and trimming
- Corners and the different types. Different ways to wrap them
- Shrinking the film around corners, edges and surfaces
- Knifeless tape
- Seams, where to use them, how we do them and why
- Inlays, where to use them, how we do them and why
- Recessed areas, the high and low points (post heating)
- Damaged film during install. Is it recoverable or not
- Horizontal and vertical surfaces
- Banding, glue lines and adhesive particles

- Solo fender wrap

- Solo mirror wrap

- Solo door handle wrap

Day 3

​- Rear bumper wrap with help
- Rear bumper wrap solo
- Front bumper wrap with help
- Front bumper wrap solo
- Tack reducer
- limitations, thickness and tac

- Using seams
- Damaging Vinyl
- Knifless tape
- Self healing possibilites
- Cutting free hand on top of panels using a scoring technique

- Glide free hand cutting

Level 3 Advanced

Spans over a period of 2 days.

Focuses on working with Chrome and Mastering vinyl.

Capabilities of vinyl, it's threshold, how to do seams, where to do seams, heating,

stretching, conforming, durability, and wrapping flat and complex panels

Pricing and Location

The workshop is located at 43 Grenfell Crescent (Unit 4)
Ottawa, ON K2G 0G3, Canada

Level 1-2 Workshop = 1300 USD  / 1600 CAD

Level 3 Workshop = 1100 USD / 1300 CAD

**Prices indicated are for groups. Price may vary for 1 on 1 training**


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