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BYCAST65 is the most authentic leatherette marine vinyl available. It is an incredibly soft, highly realistic leather-textured vinyl with 100% Polyester mesh backing and outstanding resistance. BYCAST65 is perfectly suited for a variety of upholstery projects, such as chairs, stools, pillows and much more.


Black Matte Top Grain.jpg
4643 black.jpg

Black Matte Top Grain

Soft but durable, easy to cut, sew and form material. Just stretchy enough that it won't rip.

Black Matte Full Grain.jpg

Black Matte Full Grain

Nice and sturdy material, use it to give a new, sophisticated look, impressing everyone.

Black Matte Correct Grain.jpg

Black Matte Correct Grain

The elegance of a matte finish and a larger grain, ready to be use on your furniture and projects.

Grey Beige Top Grain.jpg
kiran-ck-6ctz8K63fOA-unsplash i edit.jpg

Grey Beige Top Grain

Use it to refinish your couch or to revamp your car's interior. It’s also great for marine furniture.

Brown Correct Grain.jpg

Brown Correct Grain

Give a rustic, elegant look to anything you want. Brown Correct Grain will go really well on your clothes and special projects.

Dark Twill Weave.jpg

Dark Twill Weave

The right amount of stretch and resistance with a distinguished color, texture and pattern.

Black Mesh Leatherette.jpg

Black Mesh Leatherette

Soft, flexible, durable and easy to work are just a few of the qualities of this material. Perfect for all projects.

Glossy Black Top Grain.jpg

Glossy Black Top Grain

Highly realistic leather textured with a sophisticated, dark brown color. Great to give your furniture a refined look.

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