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Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 1
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 2
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 3
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 4
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 5
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 6
Lustre Chrome Red Scion TC 7

Wrapped By: Atypical Designs @atypical.designs

Car Owner: @stay_rekt

Project duration: 65 Hours

Materials used: LUSTRE CHROME RED

Notes By Vvivid: Scion FRS in a very Lustre Chrome Red. Most definitely a show stopper. We simply cannot get enough. The best way I can describe this car is with one simple word...POW! Sure to leave an impression guaranteed.

Photographers (Instagram):  

@nw_zack @e36luism3 @heyy_xia0_li @justinhasnipples

Notes By Atypical Designs: I teamed up with a friend of mine who also has a wrapping business, Seth Bowser from Legacy Films. We knew going into this project that this was going to be quite the challenge. VVIVID listed Lustre Red Chrome as "Conformability: High - Skill level needed: Professional recommended", and although we could agree on the skill level listed, we found that the conformability and workability of this vinyl was much lower than we had originally anticipated. We did a few tests on the vinyl, as we do with any new vinyl we're not familiar with, including cold stretching, heat stretching, burn through, etc. The vinyl would not cold stretch at all, especially at 4.8 mils, and we found out that if too much heat was applied, the satin chrome finish would fracture and ghost, causing an undesired look. We also noticed that the vinyl did not like recessed areas - the adhesive would actually separate from the vinyl completely, leaving a bubble in the material, and ultimately causing that panel to need replacing. 


    The Scion FRS we were wrapping came paired with a very rare "VLENE" widebody kit, and some pieces were quite challenging with this film. As we continued working with it, we began growing accustomed to the vinyl's limitations, and knew where and when to use knifeless tape for seaming. We hid all of our seams on body lines, and even in person, it's very hard to point out where the seams are. I believe the one other downside to this film (other than the workability limitations) would have to be cleaning the car and maintaining the appearance of the vinyl. The customer purchased a bottle of Shield Post-Wrap care, and it helped a lot, however we noticed that even with a very healthy amount of lubrication, our microfiber cloths would still leave very small scratches in the satin chrome finish. I believe these would self-heal once in the sun, and most did go away, however at certain angles you can still pick out a few light scratches. 

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