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This year has beeen busy for the research and development team at VVIVID Vinyl. We've introduced 45 new wrap films, 14 architectural films, 12 products in our chemical line and the introduction of the wildly succesful AIR-TINT Film.

With all that we've done this year, we are proud to say that we have more up our sleeves. We are introducing five new lines. 

  1. Ghost Line:  The ghost line is something we feel will set us apart from competition. These wrap films will include specially designed reflective particles that will give an "aura" at night and a shimmer in the sun. 

  2. Heat Resistant Wrap: This wrap is being developed for break calipers and applications in high heat enviroments. This will be called Enamel Wrap.

  3. Heat Transfer films for the clothing and apparel industry.

  4. A Self Healing, polyurethane paint protection film of the highest quality standards in the industry.

  5. An indestructable gridded protection film that can be applied on machinery, vehicles and high wear & tear areas. Will come in transparent and black. Great for bedliners, construction vehicles and machinery.


Lastly, VViViD is opening a production plant in Montreal, Canada to help offset demand.


Big changes are coming 2017, enjoy.

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