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Chrome Update - 2017/2018

XPO/VVIVID+ Satin Chrome - XPO/VVIVID+ Supercast chrome - lustre chrome

Due to the complexity and sensitivity of manufacturing chrome, we have been receiving complaints about excessive adhesive residue upon removal of our chrome products. As a result, VVIVID made the decision to stop all production of Xpo supercast chrome, vvivid+ Conform Chrome, VVIVID+ satin chrome, XPO Satin Chrome and Lustre Chrome products.  VVIVID has also removed these products from their online shop and have notified resellers of this issue as well. 




The issue is confined only to chrome products, no other lines have the same issues.  

VVIVID manufactures chrome in a unique reverse-engineering process. Simply put, VVIVID starts the manufacturing process from the top layer through to the base layer where normally, we start from the base and build coatings to the top layer.  All of our chromes start their life as a clear UV film, it is then coated with bonding adhesive, a super thin layer of chrome foil is laminated onto this adhesive and the last step is a coat of VVIVID's repositionable acrylic based adhesive that will bond to installed sufaces.

UV Resistant film (2 mil)

Layer 1

Bonding Adhesive (0.5 mil)

Layer 2

Chrome foil lamination (0.9 mil)

Layer 3

Air-release adhesive coating (0.5 mil)

Layer 4


VVIVID is working very hard to provide an alternative product without the adhesive issues. We have multiple versions being tested as we speak and we are confident a replacement to the ever popular chrome products will be released shortly. We will send out test material to any dealers and resellers who have had issues with chrome in the past as part of our tester's program.

We will continue updating this page with more information as it comes in.

The VVIVID manufacturing team.

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